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Feeling Overwhelmed?

I am about to turn 41 in a few weeks, and it got me thinking about how some things get so much easier and other’s get so much harder as we age. Overall, my late 30’s into my 40’s have been fantastic, and 100% better than my 20’s. I am in a career that I love, I know who I am and what I want, I work with people I love and have cut a lot of bullish*t out…it sorta rules.

But there are a lot of things that go along with all that awesome that make focusing on my fitness more challenging that I wasn’t prepared for. If you are like me you are dealing with:

  • A more hectic schedule with increasing work responsibilities, Mo’ responsibilities, Mo’ problems amiright?? As we continue to kick ass in our careers it often leads to more time seated, which is NOT what our bodies are used to. This adds up to a lot less steps over time (hello Covid work from home 2020!)
  • A hectic life schedule cuts into the time you used to workout. Gone are the days of having an hour plus to train 4-5x a week. Kids, aging parents, managing more humans and relationships on top of the increased work responsibilities makes the hours in the day shrink away and makes you exhausted physically and emotionally.
  • Hormonal changes are a thing, like, for real. Men and women alike. Perimenopause, menopause, testosterone and estrogen decline– the list goes on. These all impact our body composition, our energy levels, and are a big freaking deal. It is hard to wrap your head around the fact your body is actually different.
  • Sleep disturbance and changes associated with aforementioned stress from life and all the hormonal junk going on I mentioned above.

It’s a lot, It’s overwhelming, and it sometimes seems hopeless. But I assure you CAN get back to feeling awesome and it doesn’t need to be complicated. If you are like me and want to make your next 40 years as healthy and strong as your first, you have to start thinking a bit differently and stop acting like you have the same schedule you did 15 years ago. 

Here are a few tips to get sh*t together and make some progress with you fitness and nutrition that have been a game changer for me:

1- “Busy isn’t a badge of honor” – News flash, everyone is busy, EVERYONE, it is no longer an excuse. This is the first thing to get over to get out of your own way. You ARE doing dumb shit that wastes time in your day, we ALL are. TV, social media, games, etc. It isn’t BAD, in fact, there is a lot of value in it. But if you are a person who claims they don’t have any time to workout but it is super important to you, turn your phone off before 7am and after 5pm and don’t watch TV. I guarantee you that you will find at least 20 minutes to do something that moves the needle forward for your goals. 

2- Set alarms and put it in your calendar – give your fitness and wellness the same respect and commitment you would give any of your work meetings. Put it in the calendar, schedule it, and don’t move it! I even set extra alarms to go off in my phone to snap me out of work to move a bit. This trick works for tracking meals and hydration as well! 

3- Have someone to report to – whether its signing up for a class to commit you, working with a coach, having a buddy you have to meet, or just calling someone or texting a friend at the end of the day to check in… have someone you need to report to. I know I am 100% more consistent if I have to report to someone, work and others will always take priority over my workout unless I know someone is waiting for me.

4- Remember, we are losing muscle, bone density, coordination and power every day. Sorry to get dark and be a downer, but this reminder gets my ass moving every day. The reality is eating properly and exercising helps you maintain muscle, coordination and neuroplasticity, and that’s reason enough to get my ass in gear. As my good friend and mentor says… I plan to “Live Long, Be Strong, and Die Mighty”.

More on tips and strategies to help you with these 3 hurdles in the next few weeks!


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