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Laughter is the best medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine, but laughter is also linked to creating an environment where people can learn better.

A few years back I had the pleasure of being an Assistant Instructor in a Level 1 Strong First Kettlebell Instructor Certification ( ) teaching under the great Brett Jones.  In our days of preparation before the cert we went through a rigorous testing protocol to ensure our skills were perfect before we teach the incoming students, and it was pretty physically strenuous and intense. At the end of the day the night before the cert we sat down and reviewed and had a few laughs….and what he said has always stuck with me.  He said to the team “Remember guys, where there is laughing there is learning”.

Laughter can be conducive to learning for several reasons:

1. Engagement and Attention: Laughter tends to grab people’s attention and engage them in the learning process. When something is funny or humorous, it piques curiosity and keeps learners interested, making them more receptive to the information being presented.

2. Stress Reduction: Laughter is known to reduce stress and anxiety. When learners are more relaxed, they are better able to focus and retain information. Reduced stress levels can also foster a positive learning environment, making it easier for learners to absorb new concepts.

3. Memory Enhancement: Humor can help in encoding information in memory. When learners associate a funny or amusing experience with specific information, it can create stronger memory connections, leading to better retention and recall of the material.

4. Creativity and Critical Thinking: Humor often involves thinking outside the box and looking at things from unexpected perspectives. This can stimulate creative thinking and encourage learners to approach problems in unconventional ways, leading to enhanced critical thinking skills.

In a gym setting, people should be learning all the time.  It’s important to learn and understand how to properly execute lifts so you stay safe, to understand the purpose of what exercises you are performing and why you are doing them so you get the best results.   Fun is a priority at MSC Because we want people to feel comfortable, we want people to WANT to be here, and we want to teach them how to move well so they get the best results and have a damn good time while they are at it!


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