The Summer Slump

Day’s are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer and those weekends are booking up with BBQ’s… Summer is almost HERE!

With summer around the corner …so is the dreaded “Summer Slump”. Your fitness goals start competing with “fun priorities” for the summer and the time you spent working on yourself can start to go out the window. Guess what, IT HAPPENS and that is FINE. If you want to relax a bit this summer and take some pressure off yourself, YOU SHOULD.

BUT, as your Coach and friend, I have some friendly reminders for you:

1) If the fitness goals you set are still important to you, don’t abandon ship. It doesn’t have to be ALL or nothing, dial back your workout schedule slightly, maybe change up workout time slots and STILL maintain your progress.

2) If you take off all summer, you WILL have setbacks and have to start over. Think about it! If that is ok with you, then rock on, if not, find ways to keep moving forward and stay accountable (hiring a coach, finding a workout buddy, giving yourself rewards when you hit goals!).

3) Sometimes the sunlight and nice weather make it even EASIER to get in a routine. Waking up earlier is easier when its bright and sunny and not 10 degrees out. If you have been considering a new routine, maybe its time to take the plunge. Getting into a routine when there is a lower barrier to entry you will solidify those good habits so you are ready to rock this fall when life get’s nutty!

If you want to hit your goals, consistency is the key. Keep moving forward in a way that is manageable for you and don’t sacrifice summer fun!

I hope this was helpful and you all are as excited as I am to keep moving toward my fitness goals and have a kick a$$ summer at the same time💪.


Habits over Goals

“We don’t rise to the level of our goals, we fall the level of our habits.” – James Clear Systems and habits over goals. Action

Harry Styles 😍

What is the ONE DIRECTION you need to be moving in? (see what I did there☺️🤣) If you have to be somewhere at a specific


If I said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times, “planning always work but plans never do”. Think of where you need to be, set


Talk with a coach about your goals, get the plan to achieve them.


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