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If I said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times, “planning always work but plans never do”. Think of where you need to be, set small goals to get there, and adjust as things get messy (and they will) but stay the course and TAKE ACTION.

I love planning! I love getting my ‘lil day planner at the beginning of the year, I love re-jiggering my calendar to “optimize” my schedule, I love assessing where I can have more time…but at the end of the day, all the planning in the world will not help you get from A to B, you have to start moving forward and taking action toward your goals.

If you are a planner that is great! But it may be time to take notice on if you are suffering from analysis paralysis. If you have planned out your 2024 4x but have made NO progress, it is time to leave the plan where it is and f*cking try something. If that plan doesn’t work, course correct and try something new but you need to start moving forward, and the sooner the better.

If that goal you want to achieve is important to you, do me a favor. Right now take a big breath in, remember your purpose for this goal that we identified a few weeks back, count to 3, and do ONE THING to move forward. Send the email, make the call, book the class, buy the book…DO. THE. THING. 

You got this.


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