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Tips to Creating Healthy Habits That STICK

“We don’t rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our habits” – James Clear

As a gym owner, I wish I could say that our workouts at MSC are the secret sauce to success, but they aren’t.  But being consistent with a smart planned and designed to meet your goals IS the secret sauce.  

Creating a new habit can be daunting because we often try to do ALL THE THINGS.  But small little changes, things that are EASY, can add up fast and have you on your way to your goals.

Here are a few tips to creating healthy habits that STICK and help you make the changes you need to create your goal:

  1. Identify what your long term goal is and write it down somewhere (ex. Run a 5k)
  2. Break that down into 3 or 4 things that would need to happen to run a 5K (ex. 1- identify a race to run  2- identify what time you can train each week 3- get a plan to progress you from where you are now to 3.1 miles 4- start running)
  3. Change your mindset and how you talk about your goal.  You don’t “want to try and run a 5k”, You “started running, and are going to run a 5K”.  Tell others that, tell yourself that. When you don’t want to run ask yourself… What would a runner do right now? What would someone who is going to run a 5K do in this scenario.
  4. Start SMALL.  Remember that if this is something that is HARD for you, its going to be HARD if you don’t start with something manageable and inch your way up.  You find the time you can run, you want to run 3 days a week but you aren’t running at ALL right now, so start with ONE day or maybe TWO, but make it SO manageable you won’t miss it.  Commit to running for 3 min 2x a week…that’s it.  Do that, consistently and don’t miss, for WEEKS.  Do it until that just becomes what you do.  Then add some time, add another day…do that until it’s SO EASY you can’t mess it up.  Before you know it you will be running 3x a week because that is WHAT YOU DO.

Small things make a HUGE difference over time.  You know what they say, if you don’t think small things add up…try sleeping with a mosquito 🙂


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