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Joan | Member Testimonial

I participated in a 3 month Transformation Project in the summer of 2017, partnering with Tina and Michaela (aka the Dynamic Duo) to achieve better fitness and nutrition. For a variety of reasons (aka excuses) I never seemed to harness my focus to work out and eat right in tandem; it was one or the other…

*I participated in a 3 month Transformation Project in the summer of 2017, partnering with Tina and Michaela (aka the Dynamic Duo) to achieve better fitness and nutrition. For a variety of reasons (aka excuses) I never seemed to harness my focus to work out and eat right in tandem; it was one or the other. In May 2017, I had arrived at a point where I knew I could get on the right track and move forward with the energy, expertise and support from the Dynamic Duo. And that’s exactly what happened.

It wasn’t perfect, it was ugly in the first few weeks. Pop culture and the latest and greatest diet tell us we’ll lose 15 to 20 lbs in the first 30 days but the reality is to sustain real weight loss and establish good patterns, you’ve got to stay the course. There’s no magic to it. Tina and Michaela are terrific motivators; Tina for her ability to tailor a great work out plan to maximize strength and conditioning, pushing you to do more and Michaela, for educating but not proselytizing, for recognizing that there’s no banned food groups and that ultimately, it’s all about choices – YOUR choices.

Both coaches offer a variety of strategies to deal with the challenges of being consistent with food and exercise. While some worked for me, others didn’t but it’s all individual, whatever works for you. I also found the video testimonials on the MSC website to be helpful and inspiring. They’re great to remind yourself that everyone struggles; to get to the gym, to eat right, to keep your mind focused. Your MINDSET is the absolute key in this equation, I can’t overstate it enough. After 3 months, I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 15 pounds (give or take with Xmas!) and 21 inches! I feel energized and hopeful for the next phase of my fitness and weight goals.”

Kristy | Member Testimonial

Meet MSC-er Kristy Nyman!

Kristy is running the Boston Marathon this year for Mass Fallen Heroes and we are hosting and event to help all our MSC Marathoners THIS SATURDAY 3/17! A St. Patty’s Day Bash where we will be swinging for a CAUSE!


“Strength training at MSC is the perfect cross-training for my marathon training program. Not only does it help strengthen the major muscles in my legs and arms so they don’t become fatigued as easily during long runs, I find that the the cardiovascular component helps build stamina and endurance without the constant pounding and pressure that’s put on my joints and body if I were to be running every day instead of strength training.”

“This year I will be participating in the Boston Marathon as a charity runner for the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Platoon. The charity was initially started to raise funds to build a public memorial to honor all Massachusetts Fallen Heroes who gave their lives fighting the global war on terrorism since September 11, 2001. The memorial was unveiled in May of 2016. The organization now has a Veterans’ Edge program that ensures all heroes returning home receive the educational, employment, medical, legal and numerous other services they earned and deserve. MFH also provides outreach services for the families of the fallen and have helped unite the Massachusetts Gold Star and Veteran communities in a unique bond of loss and healing.”

Keryn | Member Testimonial

Meet MSC-er Keryn Leonard!

Keryn is distance runner and iron man athlete that has suffered with overuse injuries her whole training career…until she found strength training at MSC!


“Strength training at MSC has made a HUGE difference in my running and triathlon training. I have been training at MSC for a year now and in the past year I have been injury free while training for two marathons and two Ironman’s! I have increased my speed in swimming, biking, and running due to increasing strength and muscle. Prior to strength training I was always reinjuring my knee, Achilles, and IT band.

These injuries would put me on the side lines from running and I would strictly train for Triathlons by cross training only and wouldn’t have as successful races as I could because I was injured! I participate in the semi privates because I LOVE how the workouts are customized for ME and MY weaknesses. I also take Kettlebell classes because I am focusing on strengthening the muscles I do use regularly and do not use regularly to keep my injury free … I call it my PRE-hab! Thank you MSC for keeping me off the sidelines and IN the game!!”

Jill | Member Testimonial

What does a normal day look like for you? I work Monday through Friday – 9 to 5. I sit in an office all day. To get to work, I sit in traffic for a minimum of 3 hours a day, sometimes more. I rush home. I take care of my dog; I let her …

*MSC is previously known is Alloy Fitness

What does a normal day look like for you?

I work Monday through Friday – 9 to 5. I sit in an office all day. To get to work, I sit in traffic for a minimum of 3 hours a day, sometimes more. I rush home. I take care of my dog; I let her out, feed her and get ready and change for my Alloy class. On Monday night, I take ROW and FLOW at 7:20. I come home, I eat a healthy meal – created using guidelines Alloy has taught me – and I get approximately 6-8 hours’ sleep every night.

Why do you work out?

What benefits do you receive from it? I work out because there are many benefits. One: it makes me stronger. Two: I feel better and I have more energy to do all the things I want to do. Three: It makes me look good and, therefore, I feel better about myself in general.

Why do you come to Alloy?

Because at Alloy, with the help of Tina and Michaela, I have learned that high intensity training combined with lifting weights — is HOW YOU LOSE BODY FAT!!!! It’s called: Metabolic Conditioning!! Michaela likes to refer to it as “MAGIC” and I would have to agree.

How is Alloy different than other gyms or studios you have been to?

Because Alloy cares about YOU! The team at Alloy wants you to succeed. Let’s face it. These girls/guys are totally fit; doing 3 and 4 classes a day, sometimes more. Do they care if you don’t come to class. . .. YES, they do!! Do they care if you don’t lose weight. . . .. YES, they do!! These guys are here to help US attain our goals. At Alloy, the team is so MOTIVATIONAL. When I am spinning or lifting weights and I am watching Tina, Michaela, or Rick teach us classes . . . I am inspired to be like them because they are fit, they are strong, they look good and they are healthy. Everything, I want to be!!

What is your favorite Alloy class? Why?

It’s hard for me to pick my favorite class at Alloy. I like them all and all for various reasons. I love the rowing for the muscles in my back. I like the kettlebells for the muscles in my arms. And, I really like the Pilates for Athletes because it works the core and has some great stretching techniques for the entire body.

Have you experienced any tangible benefits since joining Alloy, ie. weight loss, compliments from friends, inches lost, more energy, etc.

For the past year, I have consistently been 140 lbs. When I started, I was already lean but could not get rid of the body fat around my mid- section, near the front of my arm pits, etc. It has taken me a lot of hard work and it is starting to pay off.

Since I started working out at Alloy, I have lost approximately 15 pounds and 4 % body fat. I have the figure I had when I was in my 20’s and my family and friends have noticed and give me compliments. These workouts have transformed my body! I not only look good, I feel GREAT!! I will continue to work out at Alloy Fitness because it has made me STRONGER in every aspect!

Alloy’s nutrition program has played a big part in my success. The program has taught me to eat the right foods at the right time. It’s not a crash diet, it’s now my way of life.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

From time to time, we want to highlight some of the amazing people that work their asses off at Alloy Fitness. Dozens of people participate in Alloy’s special brand of fitness every week and now you’ll better understand their what drives them to come to the gym. Our hope is that these stories inspire you to work towards your goals and get to know your fellow Alloy members. So say hello to Kiliegh Flaherty and her early morning Alloy Fitness routine…

*MSC is previously known is Alloy Fitness

Q: Why do you work out?

Working out is a mental stress reliever for me. That’s why I like to work out early in the morning. It clears my head, improves my overall mood and helps me focus at work.

Q: What does a normal day look like for you?

A normal day for begins at 4:40am. My fiancé and I drive to Alloy for an unbelievable hour-long workout. I love working out in the morning because it allows me to get SO much stuff done after work. I have the time and energy to take care of everything at home and hang out with my friends because I got my workout done by 6:30 am.

The Alloy effect on my mood is apparent immediately. When we get up, my fiancé and I drive together and do not say one word to each other because we’re tired and cranky. After working out with Tina or Michaela, we are both in the BEST mood, blast the radio and get fired up for the day. It is a great start to our day!

Q: Why do you come to Alloy?

My sister Michaela got me in the door at Alloy. I am getting married in September and wanted to feel and look my best for my wedding. Between her constant support, along with both Tina and Liz, I find myself looking forward to my workouts which is a first for me. I come back to Alloy each day because it is a positive, fun environment with an extremely motivating team.

One of my biggest goals when joining Alloy was to become stronger. In just two short months, I have already achieved that goal. I could barely do a push up when I started and now I am up on my toes completing an insane amount of push-ups each week. My family and friends can already notice a difference but, most importantly, I can see and feel a difference in myself. I feel the best I have felt my whole life and have Alloy to thank for that!

Q: How is Alloy different than other gyms or studios you have been to?

I have tried SO many different gyms, studios and programs and Alloy has been my favorite. Alloy’s trainers push me to a level that I never thought I could achieve. Since starting at Alloy, I’ve noticed my strength rising quickly as well as a positive change in my attitude. And I keep getting better! Alloy’s classes keep pushing me to become stronger and more fit which helps me see more and more results.

Q: What is your favorite Alloy class?

I love IronOAR and IronRYDE. These classes are no joke and the perfect combination of either rowing or cycling and strength training. I leave both these classes soaked in sweat and feeling so strong! We use kettle bells, the TRX system and a ton of burpees to get in a serious workout this morning.

I also love Row and Flow. I usually take this on Thursday mornings after 3 or 4 days of working out hard. It is SO needed and allows my body to recover from the intense workouts I have done that week.

RYDE45 is also a killer workout done in just 45 minutes. I take this Monday morning. It is a great start to my week and sometimes a great way to recover from the weekend. Ok, so I guess I love them all!