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Simple sports science: When you work out, you stress the body and cause it to make repairs and improvements. Those improvements increase your fitness level.

But you have to give the body time to make these adjustments, and you have to give it the “supplies” it needs to do so.

So if you do a tough workout, you’ll need to sleep well, eat well, and give your body enough time to repair itself. If you don’t, you’ll slow or even reverse progress

More isn’t always better. You must remember that your body actually improves itself after the workout, not during the workout. If you don’t give it the things it needs to adapt to exercise stress, you won’t get closer to your goals. 

You want “just enough” training, and then you need the right amount of rest and recovery. In some cases, 24 hours of recovery will do. In other cases, 48 are required. And some people need longer breaks if they’ve just finished a series of very hard workouts that stressed the same parts of the body repeatedly. But eating well (lean protein, fruit and veggies!) and getting enough sleep (7-9 hours) is crucial…working out every day hard without proper fuel is recipe for feeling like poop and getting injured 🤕 ☝️ .

That’s a lot to think about, and it can be challenging to figure everything out alone.

Good news: We have 8 years of experience working with all kinds of people who have all kinds of goals, and we can tell you exactly how often you need to train to accomplish your personal goals. You don’t have to guess.

The best plan is to meet with us and tell us what you want to accomplish and how you’ve trained in the past (don’t worry if you haven’t done any training).

From there, we’ll give you an exact plan that will help you move toward your goals fast. We’ll tell you how often you need to train, how much rest you need, and even which foods will help you recover in time for the next workout.

So take these three things from this post:

  • More isn’t always better. Some people need more workouts and some need fewer workouts.
  • You must always give your body time to adapt to exercise.
  • A coach can tell you exactly how much workout time and recovery time you need to accomplish your goals.


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