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Quick Shoulder Focused Workout

Try this workout to build strong muscles and tone your upper body (side benefit, your shoulders and neck will feel awesome and you will have better posture… win win!)

Grab a light to moderate weight and get ready to rock

Warm up – 5 min

Lay on your stomach and belly breathe for 10 deep breaths

10 – 20 sec plank

10 plank shoulder taps

Down Dog hold 10 sec

Walk out plank to lunge with overhead reach to “greatest stretch” (World’s Greatest Stretch – YouTube)

Workout – 3 Rounds or as many long as you would like that you can complete with good form.

-Bent Over Row – 5-10 reps each arm

-Walk out to 3 second high plank hold – 5 (if more advanced moved to long plank and walk hands out farther than shoulders)

-Super Humans ( some people call these “supermans”) – 5-10 reps 

-Squat to Overhead Press (*if Overhead press is available to you) – 5 – 10 reps

-Forward and backward leopard crawl – 10-40 sec depending on experience (knee elevated crawl but you can baby crawl with knees down if you are new to this exercise)

-Mid Back Fly (in a bent over position)- 5-10 reps

-Speed skater jumps – 5 -10 reps each side

Cool Down

Deep breathing on back

Bring knees into chest and rock side to side

Right leg up to the air for a  hamstring stretch then pull into figure 4 stretc

Repeat on the left side


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