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Motivation: a word derived from “motive” which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individual.

Motivation: the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented activities.

Motivation: the “why” behind every action.

I hear a lot of people say “I wish I had more motivation”, and this is where we have it wrong. No one just “has” motivation, we create it through the habits and systems we build to ensure we do the things we need to do to achieve what we want.

Your desire to do an activity will waiver, but your desire for the end result likely will not. When you are goal setting, it is helpful to identify what your purpose is. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS and WHAT IS THE RESULT YOU WANT? Reminding yourself of your purpose daily will help you form the habits that get you there.

Here are some examples:

Waking up at 5am to work out is not something most people WANT to do. Sure, some days you are looking forward to it, but the reality is the ACT of waking up and getting your training in that early isn’t something what is driving you, your desire to reach your goal is. Setting your alarm with a note that says “BOSTON MARATHON” will remind you that you are getting up at the bum-crack of dawn to run because you want to complete the Boston Marathon, and if you DON’T keep getting your runs in, you won’t do that. 

Getting to the gym after work may not seem appealing every day when you are tired after a long day, but if you are committed to getting healthier and stronger for your kids, putting a post-it note on your lap top that says “STRONG DAD” will remind you that your workout that day is important, and help you close that laptop and get going.

Here are some tools I recommend to help you remember your purpose, stay consistent and form the habits to achieve you goals this year:

• Title your phone alarm with a word that triggers you to get moving. Some suggestions are your end goal, names of someone, or the date of an event.
• Put post-it notes with your purpose where you can see it regularly – the bathroom mirror, desk, bedroom, or on the fridge.
• Journal regularly and/or TRACK your progress. It feels great to write down what you accomplished and the reflection will breed more motivation! Start every entry with your purpose.

This is your year, find your “why”, find your purpose, and you will find your success 🙂


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