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Math … 1%

Making progress can feel daunting, sometimes it feels like there is so much you would have to do to reach your goal it feels so overwhelming, and that can stop you dead in your tracks.

But what if you broke it down and thought about one tiny thing you could do, just one TEENIE thing to get you 1% further toward that goal than you were yesterday, or even just 1% better than you were last week.

If you did 1% more each week, that would be 52% in a year…52%. Thats a LOT.

To use workouts as an example…because, ya know, I own a gym. If you aren’t working out at all. And next week you do 3 10 min workouts. The following week you do 3 11 min workouts. Then in year months you’d be up to 3 60 min workouts a week. That is a LOT!

Food for thought, if you want to make big progress start small, stay consistent, regularly reflect on what you have accomplished … small ripples make big waves over time!


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