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Is more better when it comes to workouts?

So you’ve got goals, and you’re fired up to accomplish them🤗🤘✅

Will working out a lot help you do it?

The answer is “maybe.”

We need to consider a few variables: your fitness level, your goals, your schedule/life and your recovery.

Where are you at??

If you’re new to working out, you don’t have to train a huge amount to get results.

Even one session a week has benefits, but two or three will be much better. Four or five might be overwhelming and even counterproductive.

If you’re very experienced in the gym or very fit, you might have to train four or five times a week to get the best results.

The reason for this difference is that your body adapts to training over time, and if you haven’t trained a lot, a little dose of exercise will produce a significant response. When you reach a higher level of fitness, you have to do more work to stimulate the body to make changes.

But don’t worry: You definitely don’t have to work out all the time. The majority of our clients work out two to four times a week, and they get incredible results💪.

What’s Your Goals?

If your goal is general fitness, two to four workouts a week will be just fine.

But if your goals are more specific, we might adjust that plan.

For example, a top weightlifter who’s looking to compete at a very high level might work out five or more times a week. Some elite fitness competitors will even work out twice a day. But this level of training isn’t required by most people.

Another example: A person wants to reach a certain fitness level by a certain date. Perhaps that client wants to run a marathon or compete in an obstacle-course race. We might add in some extra sessions to ensure the person is ready on race day.

But, again, you can make significant progress toward general health and fitness goals with two to four workouts per week. You don’t need to train every day—and, in fact, you probably shouldn’t.


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