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Leg workouts can give you a lot of bang for your buck because you are working the big muscles of the body! And those strong legs will help you run faster, bend over and pick up your kiddos safely, climb the stairs and carry you are around in life!

Try this and let us know how you like it🤗

Grab a light to moderate weight or you can perform all the exercises with body weight.
*Note reduce reps as needed and if you feel any aches or pains in your joints stop the exercise and seek the help of a clinician. If you “feel the burn”…keep rocking on my friend💪♥

10 each Alternating Walking Lunges (weight in center of chest or “goblet position”)
5 Push ups
10 Goblet Squats
5 Shoulder taps
10 each Lateral Speed Skaters or Lateral Lunges
15 second hollow hold
10 each Squat Jumps (or squats )
30-60 sec plank


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