At MSC, the safety of our clients and staff has always been and will always be our top priority. We take care of our family. As we reopen our doors to welcome our family home, we wanted to let you all know what we are doing to go above and beyond the guidelines recommended by the state to keep you safe.

Here is what you can expect when you come back to MSC:

  • Please plan on arriving to class 5- 10 min prior to the start of class to allow for enough time to safely enter the building
  • Please bring your own yoga mat if you have one, your own towel and a full bottle of water.
  • We ask you try to avoid the water fountain and bathroom unless absolutely necessary to minimize contact with high traffic areas. Please try and plan accordingly and use the bathroom only in an emergency situation so we can keep the doors open and avoid touching door knobs as much as possible.
  • Classes will be restricted to allow for appropriate social distancing (1:1 training is live at this time, stay tuned for larger classes in Phase 3), Online sign up via Triib required.
  • Members must wait outside the building more than 6ft apart with a mask on until the coach invites you to come in one by one.
  • A coach will read the MSC Safety screen to you before you enter the building. If you do not comply with all screening items you will not be allowed to enter the building. If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms (even if they are slight) we ask you please stay home.
  • As members enter the building one at a time, they will be asked to go directly into the first bathroom (designated as a member bathroom, 2nd bathroom is employees only) to wash hands with antibacterial soap and hot water for at least 30 seconds (…we recommend singing the thong song chorus…try it, its fun!).
  • After washing hands, members will go directly into the main workout area with all of their belongings (no lockers or shelves to be used) and stand in the furthest 10 foot pod toward the back door of the gym. Members will file in from back to front so no one will have to cross into anyone’s pods.
  • Once class starts after we warm up, the coach will call each member out of their pod to get the equipment they need for the entire class and bring it back to their pod. There will be lysol wipes and paper towels next to equipment, members can use the wipe to pick up the equipment and bring it back to their station. NO SHARING of equipment is permitted.
  • At the end of class, the coach will call each member to return equipment to its home one by one. After equipment is returned members will be asked to sanitize hands at the main workout hand sanitizing station before cool down. Coaches will be sanitizing all equipment, floor and high touch areas in between classes.
  • When class is complete, all members will put their masks back on and exit through the BACK of the building in one direction and will not be permitted to go back and pass through the lobby. We encourage members to sanitize their hands, again, at the hand sanitizing station at the back of the gym before they exit.
  • Members must leave the building directly after class, if you choose to hang out and chat with your MSC Family please keep on your mask or remain socially distant. Please keep out of the road and stay on grassy areas so we can keep you safe and so we don’t interrupt any business practices for our neighbors.


This is what we are doing outside of new class protocols to keep you safe:

Coaches will be thoroughly cleaning in between every class which means using medical grade sanitizer to spray down all equipment and the floor. Lysol and clorox sprays will be used to sanitize all high touch areas including door handles (front and back doors), water fountain button, bathroom door handles (doors will remain opened unless bathroom is being used for an emergency), toilet seat and flusher, all light switches.

We have increased frequency of professional cleaning, added weekly professional deep cleaning which includes electromagnetic spray cleaning of all surfaces for the entirety of our 2,500 square foot facility.

Our programming for our classes, warm up and cool down have been shifted to ensure you can get the benefit of using more equipment but also keeping our workouts with as “minimal contact” as possible. We will be doing more dynamic warm ups and less floor work and foam rolling, using heavier weights for activation and ensuring there are plenty of bells to go around so sharing isn’t necessary.

We are also working with our cleaning team to remain educated on the safest and most effective cleaning products, ensuring our space has clear and abundant signage so coaches and members are reminded of our new practices, we have clearly marked pods to stand in and arrows indicating the flow of traffic on the floor to prevent people from accidentally getting too close, and our staff will continue to do everything we can to help keep you moving and safe!

We will remain online via zoom and have lots of new program options for you all so we can all continue to move the MSC Way, which is a way that makes YOU feel comfortable, safe, and STRONG.